Monday, December 20, 2010

'Leading Man' Musketeer Game

'Leading Man' - Musketeers
This was a musketeer game I put on for several groups of friends in 2009. I made up some simple 'Bang - You're Dead' rules that I then tacked onto my silly 'Leading Man' rules. I've run a few of these type of 'Leading Man' games, the first being one set in Roman occupied Germany, another in Biblical Egypt and this one set in northern Spain. They all begin with a historical premise but the underlying fact is that each is in reality a movie set with each player taking on the part of a principal actor in an epic film. The goal is to gain as much fame during the game so that at the end of the shoot their actor is proclaimed as the 'Leading Man'. Yeah, its pretty silly but we've had a lot of laughs with it. 

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